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As part of the in-house design team at Discovery Italia, I was charged with defining a new visual language for Giallo, Discovery Italia's crime thematic channel.

Besides refreshing the channel image, the aim was also to combine into a cohesive identity its wide imagery spectrum (from crime classics such as Agatha Christie to more contemporary content as Broadchurch and everything in between).

The company wanted the new idents to reflect the channel personality: engaging, emotional, suspenseful but never causing anxiety.

Me and my partners in crime Stefano Carugati (designer & art director) and Cristina Mazzocca (executive producer) teamed up to produce 6 idents based upon channels core themes: Investigation, Legal, Action, Classics, Emotional and True Crime.


Thematic imagery

The cinematography chosen for the idents has a strong focus on close-up shots, acting as a visual metaphor for every great detective distinctive's secret weapon: attention to detail. Colour grading is another fundamental tool that was used to give consistency to the set of idents, as well as serving a branding purpose (Giallo, literally "Yellow", is the italian word to refer to the crime genre).

True crime

Giallo also has it's own programming block RealGiallo, focusing on true crime content. To communicate these we introduced a separate set of shots with a different grading that reflects this genre.


Discovery Italia - Milano - © Copyright 2017

Discovery Italia

  • Art Direction: Stefano Carugati, Giorgio A. Schwarz
  • Executive Producer: Cristina Mazzocca
  • Producer: Carola Trematerra, Massimo Volpe
  • Graphic Coordinator: Federica Cavalletti


  • Production Company: Rosso Film
  • Director: Lorenzo Gironi
  • Dop: Giacomo Frittelli
  • Sound: Guido Smider
  • Scenografia: Miriam Fisher
  • Stylist: Gemma Vernò
  • Post: Toboga
  • Colorist: Lorenzo Ameri

May 2017

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